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voice lessons

In sessions with Noah, expect to...​

  • clarify  the distinct vocal functions behind terms like "chest", "belt", "mix", "legit", "falsetto" and "support"

  • release  chronic tensions in the neck, throat, jaw, tongue and other muscles which inhibit free vocal function

  • develop  freedom to sing in any style with flexibility and freedom of musical expression, while maintaining your own unique sound

  • cultivate  a clear and functional vocal health regimen to meet your specific goals

  • maintain  a strong, flexible instrument with the endurance to handle professional or collegiate vocal demands




musical theatre/audition coaching

With extensive professional experience on both sides of the audition table, Noah offers private coaching in the following areas:

  • Audition prep for musical theatre productions

  • BFA college prescreen & audition prep

  • Audition/rep book preparation (repertoire, cuts, selecting keys)

  • Video auditions/submissions (recording/accompanying)

  • Choir, ensemble, pre-college program auditions

  • Pageant talent coaching

Noah holds a BM in Commercial Voice Performance from Belmont University and is a fully-certified instructor in Somatic Voiceworkthe LoVetri Method (2016, re-certified 2020). He currently studies at Shenandoah Conservatory in pursuit of his M.M. in Commercial Vocal Pedagogy (class of 2026). He has studied under Dr. Peter Lee, Dr. Karen Keating, Dr. Kristi Whitten, Kate Paradise, Jocelyn Fisher, Corey McKern, Holli Harrison and Dr. Matthew Edwards.  After training in Italian bel canto and functional modalities at Belmont University, Noah dove deeper into functional pedagogy in a post-graduate certification in Somatic Voicework at Shenandoah Conservatory (and later, at Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory). This methodology follows years of scientific study in vocology and is recognized internationally by leading otolaryngologists, speech language pathologists and voice instructors.  Noah's experience growing up as a young studio singer in Nashville, followed by years of professional performing and music directing work, allow him to offer personalized performance coaching and audition prep for singers of all experience levels.​  His clients run the gamut from middle and high school singers to seasoned professionals to older adult beginners.

I believe in equipping all singers with the knowledge they need to build a functional voice.  All singers should have a working knowledge of how the lungs, vocal folds and their surrounding muscles function.  When students understand the physiology of what's happening in their throat, it eliminates the need for abstract, unhelpful language like "sing from your diaphragm!". 


I strive to foster a singer's unique, individual sound as it develops over time, rather than force a preconceived idea of the sound upon the voice.  

It is possible to sing safely and healthily in a wide range of styles and vocal qualities.  I coach students in in pop, jazz/R&B, rock, country, music theatre and classical styles.

For out-of-state and international clients, sessions are conducted over Zoom.

Clients local to Nashville TN have the option to meet in-studio.

Ask about your FREE 15-min ZOOM consultation!

"The purpose of functional vocal training is to prepare the physical instrument to stand up to full, free expression of emotion through text and music."

- Jeannette LoVetri

"Noah Rice is a great voice instructor! His musicianship is fantastic and his ability to find vocal exercises that work to improve both breath and sound keep me coming back for more and more. I can't recommend him enough."

-- Kim Kinsley-Herrera

Noah Rice - never have I worked with a music director/teacher who understands the voice as it relates to each individual singer so deeply. Not only does he understand (nearly encyclopedically) the physiology of both the male and female voices, but he is able to grasp the emotional development of the voice as it pertains to each singer. He also introduced me to techniques that helped me isolate my chest belt and head voice regions, giving me endurance and strength to do a long run of vocally heavy shows.


On the emotional side, I felt like Noah was someone who sometimes saw me more fully and deeply than I was able to see myself in the conundrum of a stressful rehearsal process. When I would beat myself up for feeling exhausted or vocally fatigued, he never let me feel like less of an artist or a human-- but encouraged me to look at these issues as a learning opportunity for a young performer. He was a safe haven for me as I learned to navigate using my voice wisely in a rehearsal setting.”

-- Adelaide Leonard

“Noah changed my life. No, seriously! The practical, no-nonsense way he approached coaching made more sense than any vocal teacher ever has.”

-- Paige Christy

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